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Fibromuscular Disease

Microscopic image of papillary thyroid carcinoma

Fibromuscular disease causes narrowing of arteries throughout your body, most frequently the arteries to the kidneys (renal arteries) and brain (carotid arteries). In rare cases, FMD can affect leg or intestinal arteries. UNCOMMON  FMD most commonly affects young women of European descent. FMD of the kidney arteries is found in 4–7% of women. FMD of the brain arteries is found in 0.3–3% of women.   LIFE-LONG, SELDOM NEEDS TREATMENT  Though FMD […]

Giant Cell Arteritis

Layers of Blood vessels

Giant cell arteritis encompasses two distinct disorders, both causing severe inflammation in the affected arteries. Though both disorders are rare, they can cause damage to your arteries that lasts for years and can lead to serious consequences.  RARE, BUT CAN HAVE SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES  TEMPORAL ARTERITIS affects about 20 in every 100,000 women over age 50 each year. Untreated, temporal […]

Peripheral Aneurysm

diagnose brain stroke x-ray image

A weakening in the wall of a blood vessel in your abdomen or sometimes in a leg which results in an abnormally dilated area. This dilated area is prone to: Clotting off and interrupting blood flow. Rupturing and causing serious bleeding. Compressing adjacent tissues.  USUALLY GENETIC, RARELY OCCUR Peripheral aneurysms are usually genetic; that is, […]

Pulmonary Embolism

Cardiologist supports the heart of man hands

Sudden blockage of a major artery in your lung. Usually due to a blood clot that develops in another part of your body, breaks off and travels in the blood stream into the lung where it blocks the pumping of your heart and prevents it from taking in oxygen. The third most common cardiovascular disease […]

Renovascular Conditions

Renovascular Conditions

The renal arteries originate in your heart and are responsible for carrying blood rich in oxygen and nutrients to your kidneys. When the renal arteries become blocked, a condition called renal artery stenosis, your kidneys do not receive enough blood or oxygen. These arteries can also be affected by a number of diseases, most commonly atherosclerosis. […]


Dementia and Alzheimer's disease medical concept

The blood supply to a part of your brain is suddenly interrupted. ISCHEMIC STROKE, approximately 75% of all strokes, can occur when blood supply to your brain is blocked. HEMMORRHAGIC STROKE can occur when there is bleeding in your brain. (Pictured) TRANSIENT ISCHEMIC ATTACK (TIA) or mini-stroke is a condition similar to stroke, but the […]

Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm

senior woman suffering from heartache

An expansion, or ballooning, of a section of the aorta within your chest (thorax) that slowly degenerates. The aorta, the body’s main blood vessel, starts at your heart and extends all the way to your pelvis, where it branches toward your legs. The larger the aneurysm, the higher the risk it may rupture, leading to […]

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

woman with sudden heart attack

A group of conditions that result from compression of the nerves or blood vessels that serve your arms. Usually affects otherwise healthy, young and active people. TREATABLE, USUALLY NO LONG-TERM EFFECTS  Once treated, ideally by combining medical treatment with physical therapy, you should be able to return to an active lifestyle. Symptoms PAIN, NUMBNESS, TINGLING  You […]

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins on the woman legs

Large bulging veins in the legs that can cause many different types of symptoms. Varicose veins can occur in almost anyone and affect up to 35% of people in the United States. You may inherit a tendency to develop varicose veins from a parent. Women, women who have had multiple children, and obese persons are […]

Vascular Infections

Blood vessels of a human

An artery or vein or a graft that has been used to replace an artery or vein can get infected by bacteria, viruses or fungus. The infection flows through your bloodstream, and may cause you to become very sick with fevers, chills and weight loss. The infection could occur within months of the replacement procedure or […]